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  • Altair Magazine  [Australia] - Australia - features speculative fiction/science fiction and fantasy short stories.

  • Ibn Qirtaiba  [Australia] - Australia - magazine of the SF SIG of Australian Mensa; for fans of science fiction, speculative fiction and science fantasy in all their forms.

  • MindGate  [Australia] - Publishing new Australian speculative fiction stories and poetry, Mindgate explores the possibilities open to a future Australia by the continuous co-evolution of analogue and digital systems.

  • infinitum - alternative fiction magazine.

  • 32.5 Magazine - science fiction/fantasy stories.

  • Alienq - science-cyber fiction and fact.

  • Alsirat - exploring the fantastic and spiritual dimensions of horror.

  • Alternate Realities Webzine - for fantasy, science fiction, horror, genre poetry, and art.

  • Analog - science fiction and fact.

  • Anotherealm - a magazine of short speculative fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and other imaginative genres.

  • Aphelion: The Webzine of Science-Fiction and Fantasy - forum for amateur writers to hone their skills and present their work to the public.

  • Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Astounding B Monster, The - your first option when exploring the depths of arcane cinema.

  • Baleful Head Fantasy Review

  • BEM Ciencia Ficcion y Fantasia - semiprofessional magazine in both Spanish and English.

  • C-Resonance - science fiction and fantasy art and stories plus book and moview reviews.

  • Century Magazine of Speculative Fiction - Print short-story magazine of well-crafted and eclectic speculative fiction, combining elements of science fiction, magic realism, fantasy, surrealism, and mainstream writing.

  • Chasm: A Journal of the Macabre

  • Cinefantastique Magazine - features on special effects, animation, CGI, makeup and more.

  • Clique of the Tomb Beetle - an e-zine of sci-fi, humour, horror, or anything with edge. New authors are welcome... we always need new blood.

  • Cold Horror Magazine - monthly magazine of horrifying fiction and terrifying poetry.

  • Con-tour Magazine - covers fantasy and sci-fi conventions.

  • Cranberry Winters - intended to evoke memories, images and emotions. It is a fantasy/ magical realism magazine with an occasional poem, commentary or horror story.

  • Cybling - provides logs of interviews with science fiction's up-and-coming as well as established writers and artists.

  • DargonZine - prints fantasy/adventure fiction produced by the Dargon Project, a shared-world writing effort created by Ornoth Liscomb.

  • Dark Deeds - discusses all (well, most) things dark, from Jorg Buttergeit to Mervyn Peake, The Sandman to Doctor Who, The Avengers to Hitchcock or Alice in Wonderland.

  • Dark Gallery

  • Dark Moon Rising - science-fiction, fantasy, and horror e-zine.

  • Dark Planet - A magazine of speculative fiction, metafiction, poetry, art, reviews, etc.

  • Dark Tome - magazine of horror fiction

  • Digital Woman - for women of all walks of life.

  • Disenchanted - featuring character-driven fantasy stories, poems, and artwork.

  • Dragon Soup - monthly webzine for science-fiction, fantasy, and poetry.

  • Dream Forge

  • DreamWatch

  • Dubious Matter - A Science Fiction and Fantasy Bimonthly E-Zine

  • E-scape - The digital journal of speculative fiction.

  • Eon - sci-fi magazine for today's hottest genre topics. Covers the latest in science fiction news and reviews for TV, movies, games and more.

  • Epitaph - magazine of dark fantasy and horror short fiction.

  • Event Horizon - online magazine for readers of SF, Fantasy and Horror, featuring stories by and interviews by some of the world's top writers.

  • Fandom-A-Week - weekly German fanzine with a list of German conventions, SFCD-Literaturpreis and more.

  • Fantasy & Science Fiction - the original publisher of Stephen King's Dark Tower.

  • First Light - devoted to the wonderful world of science-fiction and fantasy, we're a monthly newsletter and an annual zine. Come, join the insanity!

  • Flight Flash Ezine - for FLIGHT and Vanna Bonta fans. Packed with pics, real audio, real video, news, and scheduled live video.

  • Galactic Citizen, The - Small press Science Fiction Magazine. Published quarterly.

  • Galaxy Magazine

  • Heavy Metal (3)

  • Hologram Tales

  • Horror-Wood - monthly webzine spotlighting classic and cult horror movies, featuring an ever growing cache of mini horror film reviews.

  • Icarus Encyclopedia

  • Ink

  • Jackhammer E-zine - explores a Question of the Week through non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and discussion.

  • Leading Edge, The - an up and coming magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

  • Liberated Qaurk, The - An ameatuer fanzine of fantasy and science fiction.

  • Literary Lunacy - focusing on Cyberpunk and Science Fiction.

  • Locus Online - newspaper of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing fields.

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine - features articles and stories from the magazine, and subscription and back issue information.

  • Millennium

  • Mimosa Online - Hugo-award-winning fanzine by Richard and Nicki Lynch.

  • Ministry, The - webzine dedicated to movies, tv, comic books and the future of science fiction. Also includes monthly short stories and reader polls.

  • Monolith Magazine - a speculative fiction magazine.

  • Nebula, The - Home page of the Nebulous Association and it's fanzine, The Nebula. Dedicated to rpgs and science fiction / fantasy / horror related.

  • NetherReal Cyberzine, The - a horror magazine dealing specifically with fiction, art, and material of the Cthulhu Mythos and HP Lovecraft.

  • NetZine

  • Night Terrors

  • Non/Stop Mag - literary science fiction and modern fantasy.

  • Nuketown - science fiction and fantasy webzine featuring short stories, news and reviews, and just about anything else we feel like publishing.

  • Oubliette, The - offline horror zine.

  • Outpost, The - forum for serious journalists, writers. Science fiction, comedy and drama short stories, scripts here. High content, no fluff. Write for us!

  • Outside - speculative and dark fiction.

  • Papyrus - dedicated to science fiction and fantasy short stories.

  • Parsec Magazine - A Canadian science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine. Find out what's coming up and what we've already covered.

  • Pegasus Online - featuring original fantasy and science fiction literature.

  • Phantasm Magazine

  • Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism - interviews, articles, and reviews on fantasy and fantasy writing.

  • Planet Magazine - free electronic quarterly of SF, fantasy, horror, humour, and poetry by (mostly) new writers. Online and in colour since January 1994.

  • Planet X Magazine

  • Prime Magazine - A new on-line science fiction and fantasy magazine which is open to all submissions.

  • Quanta Magazine - the on-line magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Quantum Muse - science fiction, fantasy, and alternative e-zine dedicated to bringing the best in short stories and artwork.

  • Quantum's Science Fiction Modeling - Webzine solely devoted to the modelling of science fiction and fantasy models.

  • Real Fright - each issue features a longish short story/novella that might scare ya a little.

  • Realms Magazine - Toronto's free science fiction magazine.

  • Redrum Coffeehouse, The - devoted to the darker side of life including gothic/horror fiction, poetry, artwork, feature editorials, and vampire articles.

  • Sci Fi Guys - news, reviews, debates, and user feedback in each humorous issue.

  • Science Fantasy Anthology

  • Science Fiction Weekly - professional electronic magazine of news, reviews and short stories related to science fiction.

  • SciFi Network - monthly magazine.

  • Sepulchre - a quarterly poetry and fiction 'zine of dark fantasy and imaginative horror.

  • SF Zone - the future of science fiction.

  • Spaceways Weekly - publishes science fiction and fantasy by new authors, mostly Canadian. A new story is sent to you every week by electronic mail. Author enquiries welcome.

  • Speculations - if you're a writer looking to break into or increase your presence within the SF/F/H markets, we're here to help.

  • Spitting Image

  • Strange Fun

  • Strange Words - for the discerning reader and collector of science fiction literature.

  • tomorrowSF - stories, book and movie reviews, a science column and editorials.

  • Transversions - a printed magazine of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy and horror.

  • Tyro Magazine - subscription-only entertainment and hobby magazine covering comics, gaming, animation, science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Contains interviews, reviews and original artwork and stories.

  • Vampire Dan's Story Emporium - print magazine of fiction, interviews, and art.

  • Whispers Magazine

  • Wicked Mystic - horrific and erotic literature.

  • Zalandra Terrace - magazine of speculative fiction.

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